Music Services

Throughout his career, Paul has always made music from behind-the-scenes as well as in-front-the-scenes as a performer. He can oversee an entire project as the producer and he can arrange and compose individual songs and jingles for commercial use. With his diversity as an artist, Paul adds tracks to music and commercial projects with voice, drums, harmonica and percussion.

With technology the way it is today, there’s no need for travel. Paul can add tracks from his studio and fly them to you over the internet, providing sample recordings to approve each step of the way.

Tell Paul your goals, share your needs and he will work with you and help make your production excel. With access to many outstanding resources, he can bring in experts to see the project to completion working with engineers for mixing and mastering and even graphic artists for design.

As far as his experience, Paul has written over 40 CD’s for major music libraries that are heard daily in over 750 markets throughout the United States. He has composed for Canon Pictures and the NBC Emmy Winning Series “Special Treat”. He is also a four category Billboard Song Contest Winner, whose songs, including the highly acclaimed, “Book Faded Brown”, have been recorded by The Band, Carl Perkins and Rick Danko.  He has done vocals, drumming or played harmonica for major national corporations including Johnson & Johnson, American Airlines, Nissan, Anheuser-Busch, Miller Beer, Subway and Dow Chemical.

Please complete the contact page. Describe your project and specific needs, ask questions and begin the brainstorm process.