Paul Jost and Marc Adler

Silver Whispers – Musings in jazz for flute and voice

Marc and Paul first met while performing with the eclectic world/jazz ensemble, Siora, and immediately decided to record together. It was intriguing to both of them to face the distinct challenges of improvising on jazz standards using only flute, voice and body percussion, without the harmonic support more traditionally provided by chordal instruments such as piano or guitar.

Encouraged by their first attempts in this exposed way of improvising on jazz standards, Paul and Marc continue to develop the concept and have recorded four selections to date, (two of which they performed for the first time as shown in this photo at renowned pianist and composer, Andrea Clearfield’s Salon on March 27, 2011). Less than a year later, Arabesque Records signed them for the digital release of those recordings.  Their collaboration led to four separate Grammy considerations as shown below.


Arabesque  Records submitted Silver Whispers in the following categories for Grammy consideration in 2012:

#32 – Jazz Vocal Album [Marc Adler, Paul Jost]

#61 – Arrangement Accompanying Vocals [Days of Wine & Roses, Paul Jost]

#31 – Improvised Jazz Solo [Days of Wine & Roses, Paul Jost]

#31 – Improvised Jazz Solo [Days of Wine & Roses, Marc Adler]