The Jōst Project

Tony, Paul with arm out, Kevin high res 1-1346Devoted to interpreting class rock in a contemporary jazz format, The Jōst Project creates an exciting new connection between the many listeners for whom the music of the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Donovan, Simon and Garfunkel, the Beach Boys, and others. Their new CD — “Can’t Find My Way Home” – will be released in mid-August 2013 by Dot Time Records, a jazz/world label based in NY and Europe. The early buzz is already exciting! Some of the songs on the CD are “Walk This Way”, “Kashmir”, “Maybe I’m Amazed”, “Bridge over Troubled Water” and many others.

The Jost ProjectInitially formed by Tony Miceli (vibraphone) and Kevin MacConnell (acoustic bass), the seeds of this idea were planted in Tony’s 2005 recording “Hippie Jazz”. When Tony heard Paul sing, he felt such a strong musical connection that he invited him to be part of the group. Because of Paul’s strong musical influence and arranging talent, Tony and Kevin were convinced the group should have Paul’s name and they became The Jōst Project. Charlie Patierno is the drummer on the CD and often performs with them.

The combination fit and The Jōst Project grew in popularity. Tony’s vibraphone stirs echoes of the famed Modern Jazz Quartet with Milt Jackson. Kevin’s lyrical playing is an essential element and Paul invokes blues, mainstream, and scat styling in his unique introspective way, bringing out the emotions contained in the songs.  It’s immediately evident that these skilled artists each bring their distinctive experience and approach to this blended collective.

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